Wireless Distance Measuring In Sport – Golf GPS

What are Golf Laser Rangefinders and Golf GPS Units?

Golf, especially for the serious enthusiasts, is never a simple sport—it is the combination of physical prowess, intense focus, and sports technology that allows an individual to best personal records. Aside from golf clubs, golf rangefinders are fast becoming part of any golfer’s game kit. Magazines and websites have dedicated articles to these gadgets, but what are golf rangefinders, exactly?

Basically, golf rangefinders are devices that are specifically designed to provide a user with accurate distance readings on certain objects in the golf course. The information provided by the golf rangefinders can be useful in improving an individual’s game. Golf laser rangefinders utilize laser technology to provide you with accurate readings and improve the way you see the course.

Golf GPS units, on the other hand, function very similarly to laser rangefinders, but with GPS (or global positioning system) capabilities. This type of range-finding device can be a standalone gadget built specifically for the purpose of providing distance readings on the golf course, or can be installed on other mobile devices, such as smartphones or other GPS devices.

While playing a round of golf in the greens, you can take a golf laser rangefinder or golf GPS unit to gauge the distance of certain objects from the spot that you are standing on. Yes, we know, this might sound like the job for your eyes—but you might be surprised with how many people cannot come up with a good distance approximation just by using their eyes. The rangefinder or GPS unit will give you the exact distance with just a push of the button. This information will help you control and plan your swings better.

Differences between Golf Laser Rangefinders and Golf GPS Units

The main difference between a golf laser rangefinder and a golf GPS unit is the kind of technology used by the device. (I found this site that had both so feel free to check out the available devices)

Laser rangefinders, of course, use laser beams in order to determine the distance of the user to an object. With a simple push of a button, the device sends out a beam of laser toward the object, and then measures the time taken by the beam to be reflected on the target object before returning to the device that sent the laser. Laser rangefinders use the principle of time of flight to provide distance readings. However, laser rangefinders are not advisable for use with high precision measurements, as it is not as accurate as other techniques.

Golf GPS units, on the other hand, use GPS or global positioning system, which then uses a space-based sattelite system to provide not only location, but also time information in different weather conditions. Four or more GPS sattelites are used to collect distance and time information, which can then be accessed by all people who have GPS receivers. Golf GPS is preferred by many people who possess devices that have GPS capabilities, such as most models of smartphones. Golf rangefinder software or apps for mobile phones or computer tablets are available in the market, and are much cheaper compared to dedicated range-finding devices.